Государственный Океанографический Институт
Государственный Океанографический Институт

Welcome to the environmentalresearchweb newswire. This week we bring you details of the Arctic river ice that's becoming less reliable, a rise in the amount of land growing crops for export, how local knowledge can minimize the impact of offshore wind farms, and more. Simply click on the headlines below to read the full stories.

Helping models reproduce Chinese haze
15 Oct, 2014
Solar radiation-aerosol interaction could be missing mechanism, scientists say

Poll reveals public’s ocean worries
14 Oct, 2014
Research into sea ice, physical changes in the ocean, and impacts of climate change on marine organisms should be a priority, citizens say

Shift to renewable electricity would cut pollution too
13 Oct, 2014
First global comprehensive lifecycle assessment to 2050 reveals extra benefits

US targets novel fusion research
13 Oct, 2014
Technologies falling between tokomaks and lasers will be funded

UN biodiversity report highlights failure to meet conservation targets
10 Oct, 2014
Global Biodiversity Outlook 4 paints a damning picture of governments’ efforts to meet a set of targets agreed in 2010 (from the Guardian)

China’s ‘white revolution’ turns to plastic pollution
9 Oct, 2014
Use of thin, white plastic film mulch boosts crop yields but ultimately degrades soil