Государственный Океанографический Институт
Государственный Океанографический Институт

Welcome to the environmentalresearchweb newswire. This week we bring you details of the Arctic river ice that's becoming less reliable, a rise in the amount of land growing crops for export, how local knowledge can minimize the impact of offshore wind farms, and more. Simply click on the headlines below to read the full stories.

Environmental research round-up
13 Aug, 2014
Highlights from Environmental Research Letters (ERL), including who’s most likely to install solar panels, Arctic ozone anomalies, greenhouse-gas emissions from Kenyan farms, and more.

Deepwater Horizon damage found deeper and wider
12 Aug, 2014
Deep-sea coral at two newly discovered colonies in Gulf of Mexico affected by oil spill

Self-assembly and plasmonics could join forces to boost solar energy
11 Aug, 2014
New method allows 200 fluorescent molecules to be arranged around a gold nanoparticle

Water vapour rise is due to man
11 Aug, 2014
Study confirms increase in water vapour in upper troposphere is a result of anthropogenic greenhouse gas

Can anti-anxiety drugs boost fish survival?
8 Aug, 2014
Oxazepam at level typical in polluted waters helps Eurasian perch feed in lab

Failure to deal with ethics will make climate engineering 'unviable'
7 Aug, 2014
Environmental philosopher warns major ethical, political, legal and social issues around geoengineering must be addressed