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EnvironmentalResearchWeb Newswire #38
17.09.2014 00:00

Welcome to the environmentalresearchweb newswire. This week we bring you details of the Arctic river ice that's becoming less reliable, a rise in the amount of land growing crops for export, how local knowledge can minimize the impact of offshore wind farms, and more. Simply click on the headlines below to read the full stories.

Clarifying anti-reflexivity: conservative opposition to impact science and scientific evidence
11 Sep, 2014
McCright et al. extend current research on conservatives' distrust of science by distinguishing between public trust in production versus impact scientists, says Riley Dunlap.

Pollution classification may mask effects on health
17 Sep, 2014
Study confirms pollution's effect on birth weight, but finds exposure estimates involve trade-offs

Taxi sharing could cut air pollution
16 Sep, 2014
New analysis reveals minimal time cost to passengers

Climate change and storm tracks: a tale of two hemispheres
15 Sep, 2014
Storm track activity likely to decrease during summer in northern mid-latitudes and intensify during winter in southern hemisphere

Superabsorbing rings could lead to better cameras and solar cells
12 Sep, 2014
Quantum effect could be put to work in a range of optical technologies

UK benzene emissions higher than US
11 Sep, 2014
Study of environmental regulations for emissions from oil refineries reveals surprising rankings



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